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Privacy policies

Terms of personal data remedy (politics concerning personal data).

1. General conditions

1.1. «AVA-PETER», hereafter referred to as “Operator”, acting according to the Russian Federation legislation and being an organizator of the following website(-s) on the Internet: www.avaclinic.ru (hereafter referred to as «Website», «Websites»), regulates the way of the Websites users' personal data management with the terms in order to exclude the possibility of unapproved use of the users’ personal data on the foregoing Websites.

1.2. The terms were developed in order to regulate the management of the Website users' personal data and are directed to the observance of the users' legal rights and interests, security of their rights and freedoms while processing the personal data, protecting their rights to personal and family privacy while receiving, collecting, systematizing, analysing, keeping and in some cases sharing (access grant) the data within the type of information mentioned in the terms, using the personal data to achieve legal aims of the Website activity.

1.3. User's personal data is any information concerning the user (personal data object) that has been given by him/her voluntarily and is needed to achieve the of the aims of the Websites’ activity, including:

  • Name, family name;
  • E-mail;
  • Mobile number;
  • Other information provided by the user, on the basis of which the identification of the personal data subject is possible.

1.4. User's personal data are among the confidential ones (are a part of the Website secured data). The security module is cancelled in the cases required by applicable legislation.

1.5. The Operator has a right to manage the achieved personal data in any legal way, connected with achieving the aim, for which the Websites are made and used.

2. Main conditions

Personal data – any information concerning the personal data subject.

The User – a person, getting access to the Websites contest and services, using telecommunication channels. The Operator – a person, organising or performing personal data processing independently or with another party, as well as defining the aims of personal data processing, structure of the personal data to be processed, actions (operations) with the personal data.

Personal data processing – any action (operation) or a number of actions (operations) performed using automation equipment or without using such equipment with personal data, including collecting, recording, systematizing, sharing (disseminating, affording), depersonalizing, blocking, deleting the data.

Personal data dissemination – actions directed to providing an third party with an access to the personal data. Giving access to the personal data – actions directed to the disclosure of the personal data to a certain party. Personal data blocking – temporary termination of personal data processing (excluding cases when the processing is necessary for the personal data emendation).

Personal data deleting – actions, resulting in the impossibility to restore the personal data in the personal data information system and deleting the personal data from all material media. Personal data depersonalizing – actions, resulting in the impossibility to define whether the data belongs to the person without using accessory information.

Information – data, independent of the form in which it has been given. Documented information – detailed information fixed on material media, making definition of the information or its material media possible.

3. Personal data processing

3.1. The source of information about all users’ personal data is only the user of the Operator’s Websites. The Operator does not get and process personal data from other sources. Passing registration on one of the Operator’s Websites or filling in the contact form a user accepts his/her personal data processing in order to render an information service. The user accepts the rights concerning the account having been made.

3.2. Processing the personal data, the Operator must use necessary legal, managerial and technical efforts for personal data remedy for unauthorized, illegal or accidental access to them, deleting, changing, blocking, copying, affording, dissemination of personal data amd other illegal actions concerning personal data:

  • limitation and regulation of the employees number, having an access to the personal data;
  • realization of user access to the information sources, hardware and software processing facilities and information remedy;
  • antivirus control, prevention of harmful programs (program-viruses) and software bugs intervention
  • detection of the intervention into the Operator corporative net, disturbing the set requirements of the personal data
  • security or predetermining its infringement;
  • information backup
  • organizing access control to the Operator zone.

3.3. Defining the range and contest of the processed personal data, the Operator acts according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal law dated 27.07.2006 № 152 “Personal data remedies”.

3.4. User's personal data remedy for its illegal use is provided by the Operator from its own funds in the order, permitted by the federal law.

4. Access to personal data

The Operator is obliged to guarantee the prohibition of illegal and inappropriate access to the Website users’ personal data. An access by authorized party within the Website activity aims and subject is сonsidered as legal and appropriate access. The Operator is obligued not to transmit the personal data to any third party without the prior consent, except the cases stated in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. User's rights

A Website user has rights to get information concerning his/her personal data processing. The Website user may appeal illegal actions or Website’s inactivity while processing and remeding his/her personal data to the competent authority for the remedy of personal data subjects’ rights or to the court.

6. Information messages

Filling the contact form or passing the registration on the Website or using another Website service, the User accepts getting information and advertisement letters through e-mail, SMS-messages and a contact mobile phone weekly or occasionally. In order to cancel the acceptance the User may make a written application to the Operator or write at the e-mail address: recmis_ava@avaclinic.ru, as well as contact the organization by the mobile phone: +7 (812) 600-77-77.